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Achieving Long Term Goals Using the Rule of Three

Hello everyone, I hope everything is going well.  Today I want to go off of the usual engineering topic and share a recent idea I heard about from a guest speaker at a church event.  The idea is to basically limit yourself to a few important tasks for the day to meet your short term and long term goal obligations you have selected for yourself.  I’ve heard several variations of this, but the recent version I heard about is the “rule of three” as used by General Norman Schwarzkopf.

The initial step to this is having an overall plan for your life and creating goals to achieve them.  Maintaining a personal life plan has been something I’ve done for a while now.  I learned this process from Michael Hyatt – if you are curious for more information on this it is described in an e-book at the following link:  The basic premise is to figure out what you want to be known for, describe your life around that narrative, and set goals to accomplish that.  The goal setting part is the crux of this.  Most people can tell you what they want to be known for and the preferred life around that vision with a little bit of thought.  The difficult part is setting some achievable goals and completing them.

This is where the rule of three comes into practice.  In accomplishing the goals for this life plan, it is best to focus on doing a few things well throughout the week.  The rule of three is an organized method of doing this.  The method follows as such, set 3 tasks for the day, 3 goals for the week, 3 goals for the month, and 3 goals for the year.  This means that you are focusing on three relatively simple tasks.  However, it also ensures that you are keeping in mind your goals for your week, month, and year accordingly.  Along with benefits in general life goals, it looks better in other areas of your life.  The best example given in the talk is in reports to your boss.  Which sounds better – “I have made progress on 7 tasks” or “I have completed 3 tasks?”  The takeaway from this is that having an ambitious goal for your life is important, but that breaking it up into manageable chunks is critical.  The Rule of Three is a simple system to apply in breaking up your goals into tasks.

What is your preferred method for setting and accomplishing goals?  Do you think the Rule of Three is a practical method or do have something that you think works better? If you enjoyed my post, follow my blog for updates and share this post with your friends.  Thanks for reading and have a good week!


How Life Experiences Can Change Your Goals?

Hello, everyone.  I hope ya’ll are doing well.  School and work is about to get underway for me soon so I’ll finally get some normal rhythm to my life again.  Today I wanted talk about something I discussed with a random guy Friday night.  We got to talking about “the bucket list” concept and he told me that he had already accomplished everything that he wanted to in life…and he was about my age.  And I got to thinking about “my bucket list.”  And I realized something fundamentally different about both of our lists.  His focused on individual experiences like skydiving and bungee jumping, and mine consisted of making a contribution to the people and world around me over the course of my life.

Hearing him talk about it in more detail, I realized it was because of the life he lived.  He essentially lived the opposite of my life and experience as a college student – I don’t want to go into details about the stuff he mentioned because he had a rough day.  Part of what happened in the experiences throughout his life is that he lost faith in his ability to make a positive change in the world, whereas my experiences have given me a lot of optimism about my potential.  I felt a need to do something positive with my life – no matter what he said, I still couldn’t say that my effort to do something positive would be pointless.  And to give him credit, he still respected my outlook on life a lot.  Deep down I think he still wants to see that some people try which I think is interesting.

This conversation really made me think about the effect of these differences for a whole population.  Some people might want to do good, but only try and change the small world around them.  Others only want to try and change something big.  Truth be told, I still don’t know what I think in that respect and don’t know what should be the norm.  I can’t help but think about old saying about having too many cooks in the kitchen on some level – if everyone has their own ideas about how to fix the big problems in the world would that just create confusion.  This debate does lead to some interesting questions everyone should ask themselves.  Do I think I can contribute something for the betterment of others?  What do others believe to be the case?  Is there something we need to do to change this?  If change is necessary, how is this change best implemented?  Have a good week and thanks for reading.

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