Thoughts on the Engineering Industry

A blog covering engineering, technology and business topics


I am structural engineering student at UTA.  I would like to eventually work as a structural engineering consultant.  I also have some interest in entrepreneurship but I am long way from applying that in my career – ideally I would like that to be an achievable part of my career goals though.

In my personal life I have a lot of hobbies and fully believe in the concept of life balance.  My hobby that I put the most time into right now is martial arts/working out.  I do spend some time following these hobbies as well: wine, beer, scotch whiskey, tea, coffee, and music.

This blog is going to be used to talk about topics relating to engineering, entrepreneurship, and other career related topics.  I previously started a blog on tumblr where I would talk about both career related and personal stuff in one blog.  I’m now thinking that it would be a good idea to be keep these two types of topics.  I am only going to provide the links for my twitter, LinkedIn and google+ where I will focus on sharing general links and related conversations.  I hope you enjoy my blog.


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