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Update on Future Blog Topics

Hello everyone.  I just wanted to update ya’ll on my plans for future topics.  In writing this last post on Matlab, I realized that there are many more topics that I can cover and decided to expand on a few of those.  Also, I’ve already talked with one guy on twitter for a bit about Matlab and he said he would appreciate my help.  If anyone else has any questions or wants help let me know – as I told him, I’m far from a professional level coder but I do know a lot about Matlab so I should be able to help some.  Next week, I plan on writing a basic description of all the different types of loops and recommended times to use them.  Another topic I have thought about discussing is the concept of creating data sets and the different ways of compiling that data (vectors, matrices, iterative, etc.).  Post any questions you have in the comments section and I’ll see if I can write a post about it.


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