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Alternative methods for teaching core curriculum

Hello everyone, I hope your week is going well.  Nothing much has happened since I posted last – still doing the tutoring and enjoying the break from school.  Today, I want to share an article I read a couple weeks ago about college education.  The concept is that, instead of a traditional core curriculum, students would take a set of entrepreneurship courses that combine the core curriculum skills in the first year.  Then the second year students would use those skills in practice while working with a company/charity that addresses a social issue of interest.

I find this to be an interesting idea if executed well.  The traditional core curriculum could be applied in ways to be more useful for your future career.  Along with that, valuable experience in the field can be gained in the second year; not to mention there is already a system like that in place for the second year if you consider the concept of internships.  There are some possible draw backs however.  When applied on a large scale, would the effectiveness advertised in the article be possible?  On a small scale, there is a lot of opportunity for a unique learning opportunities, but on a large scale the cost and complexity of scaling it could decrease it’s impact.

What is your opinion of programs like this?  Do you think that it is a necessary change?  Is it scale-able for larger universities?  Would be something that would increase your interest in elective course work?  Let me know if you have any thoughts and have a good week.


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