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How to Apply the Concept of Idealism to your Career


Hello, I hope everyone’s week is going well.  Having finished up graduate school paperwork for the summer, I’m feeling a bit more motivated in pursuing other things like blogging and volunteer engineering.  Who knows…maybe I’ll find a job if I get really lucky.  Today I wanted to talk about idealism and core values in building up your career.  I got this idea from reading an article about how the top 50 companies in the world do this well.  In the article, it goes into further detail on two main components of applying idealism and core values that I see a lot of people with good careers pursue as well.

The first concept is that money – and the article doesn’t say it specifically but I would include power as well – doesn’t connect directly with the idealism of the company.  The most common way of looking at it is in the negative context, don’t sell out your ideals to make money.  But upon further reflection, I believe it is better to view in this in a more positive aspect – pursue your ideals in a profitable and sustainable way.  That is the hallmark of a successful career in my opinion.  All the people I have met that are successful in their jobs have found a way to pursue their passion and ideals in a job (within a company or on their own) to earn enough money to make themselves happy.  And along with that, they always make sure that this is currently being accomplished and maintainable in the foreseeable future.

The second concept is to make sure your ideals are a being applied in a way that intersects with a need in the cultural/market situation.  The example that the article gave was that Louis Vuitton; their ideal is to make travel luxurious and they pursue it by turning life into an “exceptional trip” since there has been a decrease in travel lately.  The same thing can be said about great careers.  Someone may have impeccable ideals, skills to pursue it and theoretically been able to make money by doing that at some point.  If the market has moved or companies aren’t looking to hire in that area, it will be hard to find a job doing that.  Instead, it would be more beneficial to try and fulfill a need that currently exists that aligns with your ideals and skills.

Having read that article, it’s something that I am going to try and apply to my career goals.  I feel like it’s a bit easier for us engineers to do than some other careers, but I still see some of my friends struggle with it.  Do you think you do good job of applying this in your career?  If so, what aspects do you focus on more – core ideals or finding a niche you enjoy?  Do you think people in general do a good job of applying this concept?  I hope everyone has a good week. 🙂


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