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Maintaining the Optimum Workspace


Hello everyone! Everything is going well.  Still pounding away at the job hunt thing but now I have an idea of what I want to do.  I’ll still look for engineering stuff but this week I have registered at a website that acts as an online tutoring service.  I haven’t gotten any jobs yet but the pay is really good with a low amount of hours; if I can get rolling with this and get back into school it’s what I would like to do.  If not it will give me time to job search, which will be good since it will take longer take actually find and engineering job.  Hope everything is going good with ya’ll.

Today I wanted to do a shorter post where I talk about the evolution of my optimum work space organization throughout the years.  At first, when I was in high school and it was very much a cluttered, unorganized, everything laid out in the open type space.  My thought process being that it was more important to get the work done and not spend excessive amounts of time organizing stuff.  Then as I went to Texas A&M I gradually changed to the organized method, but cleanliness and the detailed arrangement were still not a high priority.  The reason is that I wanted be nice to my roommate and not everything on my side of the room look like a complete mess.  Now I almost always have a clean space and everything is in its designated spot if I am not currently using it.  If it isn’t, it is very hard to focus and I will almost always feel less productive.  I have also grown to love having natural light if at all possible.  As an engineering student, everyone always assumes I’ve been like this all through high school and college.  That is the general view of engineers so I won’t blame them there lol.

What is your work space like?  Do have a certain way you like it organized or does it matter?  Has it changed over the years?  I look forward to hearing your thoughts.  Have a good week.


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